Spe­cies diver­sity and biodiversity

Around 150 ani­mal and plant spe­cies die out world­wide every day. We do not want to stand idly by and watch, but do our utmost to coun­ter­act this devas­ta­ting trend. Life forms such as ani­mals, plants, bac­te­ria, fungi in their dif­fe­rent habi­tats as well as the gene­tic diver­sity within these spe­cies (sub­spe­cies, varie­ties, breeds) – all of this is covered by the term bio­di­ver­sity or »bio­lo­gi­cal diversity«.

The Fede­ral Office for the Envi­ron­ment (FOEN) defi­nes bio­di­ver­sity as follows:
»Bio­di­ver­sity is life on earth in all its diver­sity. It is the­r­e­fore the basis and poten­tial of all life pro­ces­ses and eco­sys­tem ser­vices on our pla­net.« Bio­di­ver­sity is the­r­e­fore also the pre­re­qui­site for sta­ble eco­sys­tems and the healthy and natu­ral deve­lo­p­ment of the spe­cies living in them.

What we can do:

  • Avo­i­ding the use of pesti­ci­des, insecticides
  • No use of pla­s­tic she­eting under awnings
  • Use of native spe­cies for landscaping
  • Guest infor­ma­tion about regio­nal, bio­lo­gi­cal diversity
  • Beha­vi­oral ins­truc­tions for the pro­tec­tion of over­night guests

Fur­ther projects

These are the next pro­jects plan­ned by us at Ahoi Camp Feh­marn in this context:

  • Wild­flower meadow
  • Ahoi bee­kee­per
  • Bee nature trail