General site rules – Ahoi Camp Fehmarn

The entire site is subject to the Schleswig-Holstein camping site regulations.

1. Access
The campsite is accessible to guests through the barrier from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. The access through the barrier works with the licence plate deposited by the guests. In order to allow for rest periods, no driving is permitted on the site outside of these hours. These times also apply to the surfing pitches and the daytime parking in the area in front of the barrier, which is locked by a chain at night.

2. Arrival and Departure
Arrival is possible from 2:00 p.m on. Departure must be before 12:00 noon. Optional early check-in and late check-out bookings are not affected.

3. Arrival after reception closing time
Arrival after reception closing time is possible for guests with a valid booking until 22:00. In any case, the licence plate number of the vehicle must be provided in the system.

4. Driving on the campsite & parking
Walking speed and general traffic regulations apply throughout the whole campsite. Keep to a walking pace (6 km/h), especially as there are many children playing. The vehicle is not allowed to be parked outside the rented pitch, with the exception of the paid parking area in front of the barrier.

5. use of the pitch
A maximum of 8 persons (incl. babies, children, adults) can be registered per pitch per booking. Depending on the pitch size, there are different ways to combine housing units and vehicles. Only one motorised vehicle (including trailer/caravan) may be parked per pitch. Provided that the applicable fire protection distances (see point 6) are observed, it is also permitted to spend the night in a towing vehicle.
The maximum length of all vehicles or caravans (excluding towing vehicle, including tow bar) is limited to 8 metres. It is not possible to book adjacent pitches to park larger vehicles or caravans. The booking may be cancelled without refund if these limits are exceeded. A list of possible combinations can be found here:

6. Fire protection distances
In accordance with the Fire Regulations, when erecting an accommodation unit (including tents, caravans, campervans, motorhomes including awnings), there must be a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from the boundary of the pitch to ensure a minimum distance of 3 metres from the nearest accommodation unit.

This does not apply to caravan and surfer pitches. If no awnings are erected, a minimum distance of 2 metres is sufficient. Awnings are not part of the dwelling unit and are therefore excluded from the calculation.

Keep a distance of 0.5 m from roads and paths. All vehicles up to 5.3 metres in length are excluded. If used as a towing vehicle only, they may be parked directly on the property line, but must not cross it.

Failure to comply with fire safety distances may result in the relocation of accommodation units, the use of an alternative pitch (subject to availability) or the abandonment of the campsite (without refund).

7. Rest period
The rest period on the campsite is between 10:00 p.m and 7:00 a.m. During this time, music and loud conversations are prohibited to ensure that neighbours are not disturbed. Failure to observe rest periods may result in immediate suspension. We also ask that you respect these times on the beach in front of the campsite.

8. Visitors
Overnight guests of tourist or permanent campers are subject to registration and fees. Use of the site by others for sporting activities only is not allowed. We reserve the right to limit the number of visitors according to our quota.

9. Order, cleanliness and sustainability
Tidiness and cleanliness are a matter of course for all guests of the campsite. Treat all equipment and facilities with care. Guests are asked to use resources such as water and electricity sparingly and to separate household waste properly – bins are provided. When leaving the stand, please remove all waste, bottles and compost from the stand and take them to the recycling bins.

10. Bathing zone / Water sports / Beach use
During the bathing season, a DLRG-monitored bathing zone is marked with buoys. Surfing, kitesurfing and other water sports are not allowed in this zone. Use of the beach in front of the campsite is subject to the posted beach rules.

11. Boats and Jet-skis
It is forbidden to park motor boats and sailing boats on the beach. Launching motorboats or jet-skis over Ahoi Camp Fehmarn is prohibited, but boats without motors (e.g. sailing boats, catamarans, inflatable dinghies, kayaks, canoes, etc.) may be used and must be parked on their own stand after use. A boat with motor or jet ski can be stored only in the trailer port. Fixed structures on the beach are also prohibited, as is any boat traffic in the bathing area. Boat trailers may only be stored in the trailer harbour and must be registered in writing in advance. Depending on the capacity there, this can also be rejected.

12. Toilet use
In the toilets you should only use the toilet paper we provide. Please dispose of wet wipes, pads, tampons and panty liners in the containers provided. Otherwise there is a risk of our biological treatment plant failing. This would result in a temporary closure of the sanitary buildings. Dogs must be kept on a lead outside of the building on the hooks provided and are not allowed to be taken into the sanitary buildings.

13. Garbage
In principle, waste should be disposed of at the central waste site and sorted into its various components. (See above) Point 9.
We cannot accept bulky waste.

14. Dogs
Dogs must be registered for a fee and kept on a leash at all times. Do not enter the sanitary facilities, the playground and the swimming area. The rest of the beach may be used with a leash. The dog must also be leashed on the rented pitch and must thereby comply with the boundaries of the pitch. A maximum of two dogs are allowed per booking and pitch.

15. Use of fire
Barbecues are allowed on the pitch provided that the grass of the pitch is not damaged. Fire baskets and campfires are not allowed on the site. Always be aware of wind conditions and flying sparks. Have adequate fire extinguishers available. Note: There are designated campfire sites on the beach which can be used. Always extinguish fires when leaving the area.

16. Playgrounds
The use of the playgrounds is at the user’s own risk.

17. Sewage
Grey water from motorhomes and caravans should be disposed of in the sink provided near the centre’s sanitary block. Please empty chemical toilets only at the designated points in all three buildings and leave them clean. Ensure that nothing gets into the drain.

18. Fresh water
Drinking water flows from all water taps. Please use economically.

19. Earthworks and wind protection
A windbreak must convey a valuable overall impression, fit into the environment and must not exceed a maximum of 9 sqm of the pitch to 2 sides. It should only be erected in windy conditions (10 knots or more, wind force 4) and should not be used as a visual screen. It must not be flammable and must not exceed a total height of 1.20 m. Ground sleeves for the windbreak can be anchored in several places, allowing the shelter to be erected according to the direction and strength of the wind. All activities (including assembly and disassembly) are the responsibility of the guest. Assistance will not be provided by camp personnel.
If you want to anchor your windbreak in the ground, do not drive the ground anchors deeper than 0.3 m into the ground. There may be infrastructure in the deeper areas that could be damaged.

20. Drones
On the entire site and also on the beach in front of the campsite is a drone flight ban! Permission from site management can only be obtained with written permission from the authorities. In the event of violation, Ahoi Camp Fehmarn reserves the right to take legal action.

21. Flags
The erection of flagpoles of any height is not permitted. It is also not permitted to hoist other flags and pennants.

Status: August 16, 2022