Bulli friends. Outdoor fans. Globetrotter. Family people.

The name “Ahoi Camp” stands for modern, contemporary camping – open and informal. Ahoi Camp is about meeting like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. Many of the activities we offer our guests focus on nature, which we not only want to protect but also to inspire. We love to try the unusual and break new ground in tourism. And above all, we are: passionate hosts.

We are a diverse team of coast-hungry, dynamic, creative minds who all equally share a love of the sea and nature. Whether you come alone, with your partner, friends or the whole family: We want to inspire you and welcome you to the Ahoi Camp.

The sea is right in front of you and you can feel the fresh wind around your nose. Beach on the horizon! We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Your team from Ahoi Camp Fehmarn

The heads in the background

That’s us: Jens, Johannes, Markus and Rainer. For a long time we wanted to realize our idea of modern camping on our own site. With the Ahoi Camp Fehmarn we got the perfect chance to do so.

Jens Koehler


Has been the biggest Bulli fan for over 20 years. Since 2017 managing director of the camper rental company Ahoi Bullis in Hamburg. What is especially important to him there also applies to Ahoi Camp Fehmarn: friendliness and tiptop service.

Johannes Vieten


Has also been the biggest Bulli fan for over 20 years and is the founder and managing director of Ahoi Bullis. Passionate windsurfer Johannes easily compensates for his mates’ lack of board stability. Altenteil has therefore been his personal favourite spot on the Baltic for years. It is a dream come true for Johannes to be able to run the campsite himself.


Is a journalist in real life and co-founded the outdoor magazine WALDEN in 2015. He thinks his motto should also apply to camping: Adventure at your doorstep. Or rather, in front of the sliding door. Inspiration and relaxation for a new generation of nature lovers. Altenteil instead of Alaska.

Rainer Wenning


A passionate tour operator who travels the world, Ahoi Camp is both a hobby and a passion. Enemy from abundance. Rainer’s clear motto for our camp: only the good from the simple! His ultimate tip for a relaxing hour at Ahoi Camp Fehmarn: Sundowner with a view of the inland lake.