Rent your VW Ahoi Bul­li now!

Rent brand new VW Bul­lis accor­ding to the modu­lar prin­ci­ple and take along free tour tips – that is the con­cept of our cam­per ren­tal Ahoi Bul­lis. No mat­ter if surf trip, fami­ly vaca­ti­on or weekend tour, our Ham­burg com­pa­ny rents ful­ly equip­ped VW T6.1 Cali­for­nia Edi­ti­on at fair pri­ces. The Ahoi Bul­lis fleet includes brand new T6.1 Cali­for­nia Edi­ti­on with per­fect equip­ment and all dri­ving assis­tance sys­tems, becau­se we want to gua­ran­tee you a safe and care­free vaca­ti­on in a com­for­ta­ble Bulli.

Ahoi Bullis-VW classic carAlso real­ly well pre­ser­ved vin­ta­ge VW T1 and VW T2 you can rent at Ahoi Bul­lis. A nost­al­gic adven­ture awaits you! The idea of tra­ve­ling in the­se beau­tiful vin­ta­ge cars invi­tes you to dream. When you’­re in one of the­se VW buses yours­elf on your tour of the coun­try­si­de, the road has always been the desti­na­ti­on any­way – back then as today. Explo­re streets, towns and coun­try­si­de and escape the big city hust­le and bust­le. So: expe­ri­ence for yours­elf how quick­ly you can lea­ve the dai­ly grind behind in such an extre­me­ly popu­lar second-gene­ra­­ti­on VW Bulli.

Ahoi Camp Feh­marn is a sub­si­dia­ry of Ahoi Bul­lis. So if you are still loo­king for the right cam­per for your visit to our camp, you will defi­ni­te­ly find it at Ahoi Bullis!

Your advan­ta­ge if you rent bul­lis from Ahoi:

As an Ahoi Bul­lis cus­to­mer we always gua­ran­tee you a pitch at Ahoi Camp Feh­marn. No mat­ter if you want to spend your who­le vaca­ti­on on Feh­marn, plan a weekend trip or use our camp as a start­ing base to go to Scan­di­na­via for example.

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