Rent your VW Ahoi Bulli now!

Rent brand new VW Bullis according to the modular principle and take along free tour tips – that is the concept of our camper rental Ahoi Bullis. No matter if surf trip, family vacation or weekend tour, our Hamburg company rents fully equipped VW T6.1 California Edition at fair prices. The Ahoi Bullis fleet includes brand new T6.1 California Edition with perfect equipment and all driving assistance systems, because we want to guarantee you a safe and carefree vacation in a comfortable Bulli.

Ahoi Bullis-VW classic carAlso really well preserved vintage VW T1 and VW T2 you can rent at Ahoi Bullis. A nostalgic adventure awaits you! The idea of traveling in these beautiful vintage cars invites you to dream. When you’re in one of these VW buses yourself on your tour of the countryside, the road has always been the destination anyway – back then as today. Explore streets, towns and countryside and escape the big city hustle and bustle. So: experience for yourself how quickly you can leave the daily grind behind in such an extremely popular second-generation VW Bulli.

Ahoi Camp Fehmarn is a subsidiary of Ahoi Bullis. So if you are still looking for the right camper for your visit to our camp, you will definitely find it at Ahoi Bullis!

Your advantage if you rent bullis from Ahoi:

As an Ahoi Bullis customer we always guarantee you a pitch at Ahoi Camp Fehmarn. No matter if you want to spend your whole vacation on Fehmarn, plan a weekend trip or use our camp as a starting base to go to Scandinavia for example.

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