A spark of adventure…

There is a crackle and pop in the flames as we gather for a bonfire on the beach after a wonderful day on the water or even on land. What would an outdoor adventure be without the romance of a campfire at dusk? At our Ahoy Camp, you can borrow a really cool fire bowl – the Atago – from our partner Petromax for a deposit and a small rental fee. To end the day together on the beach, watching the sunset and baking stick bread over the open fire or grilling a sausage on a spit is always a special experience.

You get the Petromax Atago including kindling and firewood for two hours directly at the reception. There are designated areas on the beach where you can set up the fire bowl.

Attention! Before you start with your campfire, please follow our instructions, so that you have a lot of fun with the Atago fire bowl and your fire fun on the Ahoy Camp Fehmarn will not be a dicey affair.

Here you can download the Atago manual.

Who is Petromax?

Petromax as a brand stands for self-determined adventures in nature. At the traditional German manufacturer, everything revolves around outdoor living and outdoor cooking. Always in the center: the experience of originality in the open air with traditional and at the same time cleverly designed equipment.

In addition to campfire classics such as sausages and bread on sticks, the versatile products from Petromax can also be used to create more elaborate dishes over the fire, such as a colorful stew, a crispy roasted piece of meat, fish in a salt crust, fluffy waffles or poffertjes.

The product range of Petromax is characterized by the highest quality, durability and thoughtful details, combining tradition with innovation in a unique way. With the right care, your Petromax products will last more than a lifetime.

You can find more info about Petromax here.