Surfspot Altenteil

The Altenteil surf spot is considered one of the best kite and windsurf spots on the Baltic Sea. Here you can start your surfing pleasure with optimal and versatile wind conditions directly from the Ahoi Camp. Perfect for day guests too.

Kiteboarding and windsurfing

This is what surfing happiness sounds like: with a clean wave to jump and ride off in a strong wind from west to northwest, which then blows sideshore – simply perfect! But wind from northeast and east comes unhindered to the spot directly in front of our camp too. So let’s dive in.

Stand Up Paddling

Always along the coast, the bay at the Altenteil spot is perfect for SUP excursions in shallow water and on windless days.

Fun & games for kids

In addition to our “Ahoi Shack” and our “Ahoi Bay” with the large adventure playground, there is an active and colorful children’s program full of games, fun and excitement during the season!


At the Ahoi Camp you can borrow a really great fire bowl from Petromax for a fee and bake stick-bread over the open fire or grill a sausage. Sunset included!

Cycling and hiking

Fehmarn is a paradise for cyclists and hikers. Varied island expeditions can be started directly at Ahoi Camp.

E-bike rental

You don’t have a bike with you? No problem. Rent a high-quality Diamant e-bike from us and start exploring directly from the Ahoi Camp.

Leisure time on Fehmarn

Throughout the season there are great and worth seeing events on the island such as the “Rapsblüten” Festival, Midsummer Bulli Festival or Surf Festival. There is something for everyone!