Wel­come to our cam­ping site!

Ahoi Camp Nature Camping Beach

One thing above all is important to us: open­ness. We want all our guests to be able to enjoy our Ahoi Camp (form­erly known as Feh­marn­belt Nature Camp­site) and the beauty of the site with its won­derful beach loca­tion. We have the­r­e­fore rede­si­gned the lay­out of our 377 pit­ches. From now on, the first rows on the beach will be reser­ved for those who are not loo­king for a per­ma­nent pitch, with a »best view« gua­ran­tee. Howe­ver, sea­so­nal cam­ping is still pos­si­ble on a dif­fe­rent part of the site. Again, the pit­ches are open and airy.

Our limi­ted Flex Pass offer also gives you the oppor­tu­nity to plan your stay more effi­ci­ently and cost-effec­­tively within a set time frame.

The only thing is that our place is not sui­ta­ble for peo­ple with pro­tra­c­tors. We love it because it is so natu­ral. This is why there are large and small pit­ches, some sym­me­tri­cal and some quite asym­me­tri­cal, some with a sandy base and others with gra­vel, wood chips or grass.

We have digi­ta­li­sed as much of the orga­ni­sa­tion as pos­si­ble so that you and your com­pa­n­ions can relax as soon as you arrive You can book online. You also no lon­ger have to wait at the bar­rier, because ins­tead a smart device reads your license plate and you can park in the Ahoi Camp.

See what we offer:

Cam­ping faci­li­ties and equipment

  • 377 open plan pit­ches bet­ween 50 sqm and 110 sqm, all inclu­sive elec­tri­city and often water taps nearby
  • Sepa­rate pit­ches for smal­ler cam­pers, bul­lis and tents
  • WIFI on site (costs and more infor­ma­tion are available here.)
  • Atmo­sphe­ric mee­ting places, e.g. for shared camp­fi­res or barbecues
  • Three sani­tary buil­dings, one of them com­ple­tely rebuilt inclu­ding family show­ers, dis­ab­led access and under­floor heating
  • Brand-new beach show­ers for all water lovers
  • Fresh water sup­ply and waste water dis­po­sal for grey water and the cam­per toilet

Adven­ture sports and out­door activities

  • Large new adven­ture play­ground with pirate ship, clim­bing par­cours and play area for the little ones, and rela­xed sea­ting and loung­ing areas for the older ones.
  • Children’s room as a shel­ter from bad wea­ther, with books, toys and a dra­wing table for the little ones.
  • Foot­ball field, beach vol­ley­ball, table ten­nis, bas­ket­ball hoop, slack­li­nes, out­door fitness
  • Bike and SUP rentals

Eating, drin­king and shopping

  • ahoi-camp-fehmarn-coffee-bar-receptionSand-Tro­­pez Café­Bar ser­ving cof­fee, pastries and cakes from the local bak­ery and after-work beers – with free sea views!
  • Ahoi shop with daily fresh rolls, ice cream, news­pa­per and essentials
  • Beach can­teen »Bei Smutje« with hot and cold dishes
  • Salt­wa­ter Shop

Our camp­site – Where is the best spot?

Cam­ping with children?

With a child and a cone on the move, it takes a cle­ver plan to make sure the little ones and the grown-ups are rela­xed throug­hout the day. In our family area you will find the right pitch – close to the play­ground and foot­ball pitch and not far from the beach. The bad-wea­­ther shel­ter, the Ahoi Shack, is next door and – logo – our Ahoi shop with ice cream is just a ball’s throw away.

Are you a water sports enthusiast?

Nature camping beach kite altenteil

Are you coming for sur­fing, kite­boar­ding or stand-uppaddling? Then: Head for the front! Here you have won­derful sea views and the shor­test rou­tes to the water. Right up front are mainly bul­lis and smal­ler cam­pers. If you have a need for more space, there is also an ideal loca­tion for you.

Would you like to be a day­guest at our surf spots?

With plea­sure. We have par­king faci­li­ties near the recep­tion directly behind the sur­fing pit­ches in the 2nd row.


Snacks are also pro­vi­ded: Our beach can­teen, »Bei Smutje«, offers a good meal and our Café­Bar, »Sand-Tro­­pez«, has cakes, cof­fee spe­cia­li­ties and a great view of the sea.

Do you like it quiet and peaceful?

If you don’t want to be bothe­red with all the hustle and bustle, you might like one of our pit­ches over­loo­king the adja­cent inland lake. There’s ple­nty of space for you, your crew and your motor­home, and after a rela­xing day you can enjoy the peace and quiet as the evening sun sets on the lake.

The sur­roun­dings of our camping

It beeps. And that’s a good thing. More than 280 spe­cies of birds have been sigh­ted on Feh­marn. Of course, there is much more to do than bird­wat­ching at Ahoi Camp. For bird lovers, we recom­mend our neigh­bours NABU and Haff and Huk (more about our spe­cial loca­tion you find here).

There are also great wal­king and cycling routes.

But Ahoi Camp Feh­marn also stands for acti­vi­ties that we can expe­ri­ence tog­e­ther, such as long tables on the beach and car­ving or coo­king work­shops for young and old.

Our loca­tion is also popu­lar with water sports enthu­si­asts who find ideal con­di­ti­ons for wind­sur­fing, kitesur­fing and SUP. You can find more infor­ma­tion under acti­vi­ties.

Visit from the camp inspector

In this video, the camp inspec­tor takes you on a little Ahoi Camp explo­ra­tion trip. Have fun watching.