The squa­re

Open to all! This could also be the mot­to of the Ahoi Camp Feh­marn. It’s adres­sed to anyo­ne who enjoys spen­ding time in natu­re. Whe­ther as a sur­fer on the water, as a biker on a bicy­cle, as a bird­wat­cher with bino­cu­lars, as a wave­wat­cher rela­xed in a cam­ping chair or as a pira­te on our new play­ground. Do what you like!

The Bul­li Hotel

Check in to our Bul­li Hotel and book your natu­re expe­ri­ence in the first row next to the beach. From now on you can book a pitch in best loca­ti­on – and the van is included as well!

The pri­ces

Want to be as clo­se to the sea as pos­si­ble? Or at the calm inland lake? Do you need a lot of space for your cam­per or rather litt­le? With us you can choo­se from a varie­ty of options.

Buy vou­ch­er

With an Ahoi Camp vou­ch­er, you can sur­pri­se a loved one – whe­ther for a bir­th­day, Christ­mas, anni­ver­sa­ry or just becau­se you love them!

The Café­Bar »Sand-Tro­­pez«

Our small, fine Café­Bar »Sand-Tro­­pez« is the heart of the direct­ly on the beach loca­ted Ahoi Camp and at the same time mee­ting point for all beach boys and girls. Whe­ther you’­re a camp resi­dent or making a day trip from the sur­roun­ding area, you’­re more than welcome.

The Ahoi Shop

In our Ahoi store you will find fresh rolls and the essen­ti­als in orga­nic qua­li­ty at fair pri­ces for your camp vaca­ti­on .

The beach can­teen »Bei Smutje«

In our beach can­teen »Bei Smut­je« you will find ever­y­thing for the small and big hun­ger. In addi­ti­on to the indis­pensable fries, the­re are vege­ta­ri­an and vegan alter­na­ti­ves as well as chan­ging spe­cials. Of cour­sefish and meat dis­hes are on the menu too.

The site map

Whe­ther clo­se to the sea or the beau­tiful inland lake. Clo­se to the play­ground or should it rather be a quiet place. The choice is yours!

Our pic­tu­re gallery

Here you can alre­a­dy get a pic­tu­re of our camp (of cour­se, the best pic­tu­re is always made by yourself).