Century flood on the Baltic Sea.
The Ahoi Camp was lucky in misfortune.


We take a winter break.
We will open again from Easter 2024.


Work by the sea.
Jobs with a view.


Ahoi Camp Fehmarn

Ahoi Camp Fehmarn

Small escapes. Great freedom.

Get out of the daily routine, into the adventure – Welcome to Ahoi Camp Fehmarn! Our nature campsite on Fehmarn is idyllically situated in a nature reserve, surrounded by sea, beach and dunes. The former Fehmarnbelt campsite in Altenteil has an almost legendary reputation among surfers and kiters as one of the best spots on the German Baltic coast.

But it’s not just water sports enthusiasts who come to us – anyone who loves camping close to nature, right on the beach, whether alone, with a partner, friends or the whole family. Birdsong and the sound of the waves are the soundtrack to our Ahoi Camp (and lots of children’s laughter too).

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Your team from Ahoi Camp Fehmarn

Destination reached: The sea is in front of you and you can feel the fresh wind in your face.
Beach on the horizon! Ahoi Camp Fehmarn is a colourful place – open, lively, easy-going.

AHOI Camp Fehmarn is a colorful place – open, lively, easy-going. You love the fresh wind in your face and the Baltic Sea right in front of you? Or do you prefer a quieter setting with views of our idyllic inland lake? Whatever you are looking for, whether you are travelling with a camper, caravan or just a tent, we have it.

Adventurous days in a unique natural setting are guaranteed. Birdsong and the sound of waves are the soundtrack to Ahoi Camp Fehmarn (okay, lots of children’s laughter is part of it, too).

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Your team from Ahoi Camp

Our camp

Get ready, everyone – Ahoi Camp Fehmarn is ready for the new season! But do not hurry, everyone will find the right spot. Right on the beach or by the lake. That’s what makes us so unique.

Fehmarn island

Do you need to get away? Then Fehmarn is the place to be. Great beaches and lots of natural beauty. And all in all, the sun shines here for around 2,200 hours a year. Feel free to stop by for a recount. But Fehmarn has a lot to offer in other areas as well.

Surfspot Altenteil

Showing off is not really our thing. But it does make us a little proud that our spot in Altenteil has such a good reputation and is considered one of the best surfing spots in the Baltic Sea. Read here why it is so popular with watersports enthusiasts.