The world of “Ahoi Camps

It all started with the “Ahoi Camp Fehmarn”. It is our first place where we could realize our idea of modern camping: to get together with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere at a natural place. Of course, “Ahoi Camp Fehmarn” will always remain unique. Nevertheless, we dream that the world of “Ahoi Camps” will continue to grow. With an “Ahoi Camp” at a beautiful lake, where canoeing or rafting is possible. Or with an “Ahoi Camp” in the low mountain range, where hiking fans in particular will feel at home. All “Ahoi Camps” should be different. And yet they have a lot in common. Because the same corporate values and principles apply to all the places we lease or buy.

Some examples:

  • Those who work at a place that becomes an “Ahoi Camp” will continue to be employed by us. It important to us to take on as many employees as possible on fair terms.
  • The region should benefit from us. We are not purely profit-oriented investors, but strengthen the local economy and want to pay our taxes there as well.
  • We would like to support the regions and our immediate surroundings also in our daily camping business. That’s why we take advantage of every opportunity to collaborate – with the local bakery, bike rental company or craft store.
  • Whoever is there should stay: This applies not only to employees, as well as to our guests. If you are a permanent camper and have a spot now, you will continue to be offered a spot on the campsite.

Looking for a successor for your campsite?

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Enjoying nature, meeting people, finding adventure on your doorstep – that’s what we understand by modern, contemporary camping. Whether with tent, van or caravan. Open and casual.

We are encouraged by the success of our first Ahoi Camp. Therefore, we want to carry the fresh camping wind from the Baltic Sea coast into the country. Therefore, we are looking for more campsites (whether for purchase, lease or as a cooperation partner) that we can passionately transform into an Ahoi Camp – whether located by the sea, in the lowlands, on a lake or in the low mountain range.

We welcome all offers, whether from private individuals, communities or cities and hope to soon be part of your vacation region with an Ahoi Camp.

There is also a reward!

If your offer or tip leads to a purchase, we will give you a Flex-Pass for one season for the Ahoi Camp Fehmarn as well as for the new camp!

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