Watch out, kids!

Whether you are an adventurous pirate, a sandcastle builder, an explorer or a little world traveller, you are welcome at Ahoy Camp and will have as much fun as your parents!

In addition to our Ahoi Shack and our Ahoi Bay with its large adventure playground, there is a varied and sustainable children’s programme full of games, fun and excitement! Bored? No way! Come along and join in!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Join the adventure! The choice is yours!

Here you will find all the activities that we have on offer for our younger guests. A weekly timetable is available at reception (notice board). There you can see which of the following promotions are running this week. Please note that in low season we may not be able to offer all programme points every week. Have fun!

  • To all parents: We do not provide daycare. For this reason, we ask you to accompany your child to the individual activities. Older children can participate alone. However, the responsibility for supervision lies with the parents.

For children up to eight years old accompanied by an adult.

When: anytime
Where: Reception / at the camp

Description: Grab a treasure map and treasure hunt bag at the reception and let’s go! On your quest, you’ll pass many different stations around the camp where you can tinker, build, explore and discover!

An identity card is required as a deposit.

When: anytime
Where: Beach

Description: Grab a bag, sand bucket or other container and go on a garbage expedition! Show your collected rubbish at reception for a small reward! Join in and become an environmental saviour!

When: Dates will be announced on the bulletin board.
Where: Behind the square in the nature reserve at the first information board.

Description: Matthias Krause from the Haff and Huk Association, which looks after the nature reserve next to our campsite, offers a guided tour especially for families. Along the way you can learn about the local flora and fauna.

When: See current weekly schedule (bulletin board at the reception)
Where: Ahoi Shack

Description: Various craft activities in the camp.

When: Every Tuesday from 11 am. In case of bad weather, amber cutting is cancelled.
Where: Behind the barrier right by the trees.

When: See current weekly schedule (bulletin board at the reception)
Where: Beach / Bathing zone

Description: Build a sand castle on the beach alone or in a team. The most beautiful sand castle will be selected…! The awards ceremony will take place in the evening at the CaféBar. Please bring shovels, cups and, if you like, decorations (shells, sticks and whatever else the beach has to offer).

For dancers aged 4+.

When: See current weekly schedule (bulletin board at the reception)
Where: Ahoi Shack

Description: Spotlights on, Start music! We make the speakers shake. Come and dance with us!

For all dancers aged 14+
More information will follow soon.

When: See current weekly schedule (bulletin board at the reception)
Where: Ahoi Shack

Description: Ready, set, go! Blow some steam with a variety of sports activities (eg Viking chess, kettle car racing, football tournament)! There will be an awards ceremony at the end!

When: See current weekly schedule (bulletin board at the reception)
Where: On the beach in front of our CaféBar “Sand-Tropez” or in the Ahoi Shack (in case of bad weather)

Description: A short story is read. You can come on your own or be accompanied by your parents. Feel free to bring your own blanket or cuddly toy! Bring a picnic blanket and snacks if you’re planning a family picnic afterwards.

When: daily from 10:00 – 18:00
Where: Ahoi Shack

Description: From toy cars and Duplo to picture books and board games, you’ll find all sorts of things to play with and get creative with.

Important: There will be no supervision in the Ahoi Shack. Please put the toys back where you found them after playing. The next little guest will thank you. :-)

When: daily
Where: Ahoi Bay is located opposite the beach canteen, behind the Ahoi shack.

Description: There’s plenty to do for young and old alike: there’s an adventure playground with a pirate ship, a climbing frame and a play area for the little ones. For the older kids there is a football pitch, beach volleyball, table tennis, basketball hoop and slacklines.