Watch out, kids!

Whe­ther you are an adven­tur­ous pira­te, a sand­cast­le buil­der, an explo­rer or a litt­le world tra­vel­ler, you are wel­co­me at Ahoy Camp and will have as much fun as your parents!

In addi­ti­on to our Ahoi Shack and our Ahoi Bay with its lar­ge adven­ture play­ground, the­re is a varied and sus­tainable children’s pro­gram­me full of games, fun and exci­te­ment! Bored? No way! Come along and join in!

We look for­ward to see­ing you there!

Join the adven­ture! The choice is yours!

Here you will find all the acti­vi­ties that we have on offer for our youn­ger guests. A weekly time­ta­ble is available at recep­ti­on (noti­ce board). The­re you can see which of the fol­lo­wing pro­mo­ti­ons are run­ning this week. Plea­se note that in low sea­son we may not be able to offer all pro­gram­me points every week. Have fun!

  • To all par­ents: We do not pro­vi­de day­ca­re. For this reason, we ask you to accom­pa­ny your child to the indi­vi­du­al acti­vi­ties. Older child­ren can par­ti­ci­pa­te alo­ne. Howe­ver, the respon­si­bi­li­ty for super­vi­si­on lies with the parents.

For child­ren up to eight years old accom­pa­nied by an adult.

When: anytime
Whe­re: Recep­ti­on / at the camp

Descrip­ti­on: Grab a tre­asu­re map and tre­asu­re hunt bag at the recep­ti­on and let’s go! On your quest, you’ll pass many dif­fe­rent sta­ti­ons around the camp whe­re you can tin­ker, build, explo­re and discover!

An iden­ti­ty card is requi­red as a deposit.

When: anytime
Whe­re: Beach

Descrip­ti­on: Grab a bag, sand bucket or other con­tai­ner and go on a gar­ba­ge expe­di­ti­on! Show your coll­ec­ted rub­bish at recep­ti­on for a small reward! Join in and beco­me an envi­ron­men­tal saviour!

When: Dates will be announ­ced on the bul­le­tin board.
Whe­re: Behind the squa­re in the natu­re reser­ve at the first infor­ma­ti­on board.

Descrip­ti­on: Mat­thi­as Krau­se from the Haff and Huk Asso­cia­ti­on, which looks after the natu­re reser­ve next to our camp­si­te, offers a gui­ded tour espe­ci­al­ly for fami­lies. Along the way you can learn about the local flo­ra and fauna.

When: See cur­rent weekly sche­du­le (bul­le­tin board at the reception)
Whe­re: Ahoi Shack

Descrip­ti­on: Various craft acti­vi­ties in the camp.

When: Every Tues­day from 11 am. In case of bad wea­ther, amber cut­ting is cancelled.
Whe­re: Behind the bar­ri­er right by the trees.

When: See cur­rent weekly sche­du­le (bul­le­tin board at the reception)
Whe­re: Beach / Bathing zone

Descrip­ti­on: Build a sand cast­le on the beach alo­ne or in a team. The most beau­tiful sand cast­le will be sel­ec­ted…! The awards cerem­o­ny will take place in the evening at the Café­Bar. Plea­se bring sho­vels, cups and, if you like, deco­ra­ti­ons (shells, sticks and wha­te­ver else the beach has to offer).

For dancers aged 4+.

When: See cur­rent weekly sche­du­le (bul­le­tin board at the reception)
Whe­re: Ahoi Shack

Descrip­ti­on: Spot­lights on, Start music! We make the spea­k­ers shake. Come and dance with us!

For all dancers aged 14+
More infor­ma­ti­on will fol­low soon.

When: See cur­rent weekly sche­du­le (bul­le­tin board at the reception)
Whe­re: Ahoi Shack

Descrip­ti­on: Rea­dy, set, go! Blow some steam with a varie­ty of sports acti­vi­ties (eg Viking chess, kett­le car racing, foot­ball tour­na­ment)! The­re will be an awards cerem­o­ny at the end!

When: See cur­rent weekly sche­du­le (bul­le­tin board at the reception)
Whe­re: On the beach in front of our Café­Bar »Sand-Tro­­pez« or in the Ahoi Shack (in case of bad weather)

Descrip­ti­on: A short sto­ry is read. You can come on your own or be accom­pa­nied by your par­ents. Feel free to bring your own blan­ket or cuddly toy! Bring a pic­nic blan­ket and snacks if you’­re plan­ning a fami­ly pic­nic afterwards.

When: dai­ly from 10:00 – 18:00
Whe­re: Ahoi Shack

Descrip­ti­on: From toy cars and Duplo to pic­tu­re books and board games, you’ll find all sorts of things to play with and get crea­ti­ve with.

Important: The­re will be no super­vi­si­on in the Ahoi Shack. Plea­se put the toys back whe­re you found them after play­ing. The next litt­le guest will thank you. :-)

When: daily
Whe­re: Ahoi Bay is loca­ted oppo­si­te the beach can­teen, behind the Ahoi shack.

Descrip­ti­on: There’s ple­nty to do for young and old ali­ke: there’s an adven­ture play­ground with a pira­te ship, a clim­bing frame and a play area for the litt­le ones. For the older kids the­re is a foot­ball pitch, beach vol­ley­ball, table ten­nis, bas­ket­ball hoop and slacklines.