Sea, Wind & Waves

The windsurfing and kiteboarding spot of Altenteil is known as one of the best surfing spots on the German Baltic coast thanks to its waves. With a strong west to northwest wind – usually with the sun shining – sideshore creates a clean wave that is perfect for jumping and riding off. Several turns are in order as the waves are nicely curved around the cape or huk and break at relatively wide intervals. Winds from the northeast and east also blow unhindered to the spot right in front of our camp, bringing waves that are usually a little smaller and shorter.

When the wind is purely westerly or even west-south-westerly, the cover of the Markelsdorfer Huk keeps the water shallow as the waves cannot enter the small bay. On days like this, waveriders will be rewarded with a little excursion to Huk, where they will be rewarded with very good and smooth waves. However, please do not go ashore at Huk as it is in the reserve and cannot be entered!

Winds from the south-west, south and south-east are not useful because they blow too far offshore. In this case, it is better to go to the other very good spots on the island, which are not far away. Wave beginners are also in good hands at Altenteil, as the waves never get dangerous or hollow, even though they can reach 2m on a good day. Choppy waves are comparatively rare here for the Baltic Sea, to the delight of all. Turquoise waters, especially in the western part of the bay, complete the fun!

The further east you go during a storm, the stronger the current becomes. Shorebreak is also added, but controllable. The entrance is partly sandy, but often interspersed with round stones. Many people surf barefoot, but shoes are recommended if you are new to shorebreak.

With lighter winds from rideable directions, Altenteil is also a spot for intermediate freeriders and stokers. As there is no shallow water area, beginners are not well looked after here and should start their first attempts on the Orther Reede. The same goes for windsurfing beginners, who will find more suitable spots in Orth, Gollendorf, Lemkenhafen or Gold.