We have used the win­ter period to con­ti­nue the moder­ni­sa­tion and expan­sion of the site, some of which has been very cos­tly. We have alre­ady been able to imple­ment many things. Some things still need a little patience.

The big­gest chan­ges are in the mini-mar­ket and cate­ring area:

We are very plea­sed to be able to ope­rate both our­sel­ves from this sea­son onwards. For the for­mer snack bar, we have deve­lo­ped a new and varied gas­tro­nomy offer that ide­ally com­ple­ments our Café­Bar »Sand-Tro­­pez«. In addi­tion to the indis­pensable French fries, »Bei Smutje« will also offer vege­ta­rian and vegan alter­na­ti­ves as well as chan­ging spe­cials. Of course, fish and meat dis­hes are also on the menu.

In the remo­de­led Ahoi store we will be bet­ter posi­tio­ned in terms of qua­lity with a new assort­ment. Let yours­elf be surprised!

Well taken care of all around.

Since we were only able to take over the buil­ding part at the turn of the year, the con­ver­sion was and is very exten­sive and many com­pon­ents have long deli­very times, much but not ever­y­thing was com­ple­ted by the start of the sea­son on April 1. Nevert­hel­ess, you will be well taken care of during your vaca­tion at Ahoy Camp:

  • Break­fast snacks, cof­fee and cake as well as drinks are available in the »Sand-Tro­­pez« right from the start of the season.
  • The Ahoy store with bak­ery-fresh rolls and food in orga­nic qua­lity at fair pri­ces has now offi­ci­ally opened!
  • At the same time we pro­vide you from a food truck with a small, yet varied menu. Then, in mid-May, our beach can­teen »Bei Smutje« opens its doors and the entire gas­tro­no­mic offer is available.

sand-tropez-ahoi-camp-fehmarn-sea-view-cafebarIn addi­tion, we have expan­ded our Café­Bar »Sand-Tro­­pez« and exten­ded the ope­ning hours. Fresh cof­fee and a small break­fast snack will be available from 8 a.m. and the bar will be open until 10 p.m. in the evenings. Now you can enjoy beer, wine, spar­k­ling and cock­tails and soft drinks on the ter­race until sunset.

We hope very much for your under­stan­ding that we still have to impro­vise a bit at the begin­ning of the sea­son. But we gua­ran­tee you: ever­y­thing will be nice and deli­cious and your days at Ahoy Camp will be even more pleasant!

We look for­ward to see­ing you and are happy to ans­wer any ques­ti­ons as always.
Your team from Ahoy Camp Fehmarn